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      Blue Moon has ranked the first in terms of the market shares of Liquid Laundry Detergent and Liquid Soap respectively for 11 and 8 years in a row.

      On April 28, the 2020 (28th) Press Conference for Sales Data in China, jointly held by China General Chamber of Commerce and China National Commercial Information Center, was broadcast live. The conference summarized the characteristics of China’s consumer goods market in 2019, and discussed the trends of the market in 2020, expecting to give play to the role of consumption in stabilizing economic growth, and promote the high-quality development of the market.

      Photo: A scene of the 2020 (28th)?Press Conference for Sales Data in China.

      Among the leading brands in the annual market sales released this year, Blue Moon Liquid Laundry Detergent and Blue Moon Liquid Soap ranked first by market shares among the products of the same kind once again for their exceptional performance. It’s learned that this is the 11th?consecutive year (2009-2019) for Blue Moon Liquid Laundry Detergent and the 8th?consecutive year (2012-2019) for Blue Moon Liquid Soap to win the award. Behind the leading position is consumers’ recognition as well as Blue Moon’s dedication to the cleaning industry over the past 28 years.

      Figure: Blue Moon Liquid Laundry Detergent and Blue Moon Liquid Soap come first by market shares in respective segments

      Technological innovation helps laundry cleaning

      Founded in 1992, Blue Moon has been committed to “providing cleaning solutions with heart and soul” to meet consumer demand. With technological innovation as the endogenous driving power, it has constantly launched professional and leading products, advancing the changes of China’s household care products and transforming the cleaning methods among Chinese consumers. The upgraded liquid laundry detergent is the most representative.

      In 2008, when liquid laundry detergent made up less than 4% of market shares, Blue Moon took the preemptive opportunity in the market with a Deep Clean Care Liquid Laundry Detergent, opening an era of liquid laundry detergent in China. Since 2011, Blue Moon launched liquid soap, liquid laundry detergent for babies and travel in succession, conveying the idea of different laundry detergent products to meet different consumer’s needs and bringing easier and more efficient cleaning experience for consumers.

      In 2015, to upgrade concentrated liquid laundry detergent at home, Blue Moon set up an elite R&D team. After two years of over 10,000 tests with more than 1,000 formulas, the team finally broke through the technical bottleneck and developed the first domestic liquid laundry detergent with pump dispenser branded as Blue Moon Machine Wash Supreme Concentrated Plus Laundry?Detergent. In 2018, Blue Moon launched The Supreme Biotechnology Liquid Laundry Detergent, which uses innovative cleaning technologies like “biological stain removal”, “anti-stain redeposition” and “fiber sorting”, enriched the high-end domestic liquid laundry detergent market, and led the industry into an era of biotechnology liquid laundry detergent.

      Photo: Blue Moon Supreme liquid laundry detergent

      Precise insight empowers hand washing

      It’s noteworthy that besides liquid laundry detergent, Blue Moon Liquid Soap has also led the industry for years amid the changing market competition and has advanced the segmentation of hand sanitizer category.

      In 2000, Blue Moon developed aloe antibacterial liquid soap, and adopted?transparent package first in China, cleaning and protecting hands while giving consumers visual enjoyment and leading the trend of hand sanitizer.

      Afterwards, based on the insight into different consumer groups and use scenarios, Blue Moon successively developed hand washing products such as Wild Chrysanthemum Liquid Soap?of refreshing type?for kitchen and Children’s?Liquid Soap to satisfy the needs of different groups.

      In 2019, to meet the consumption upgrade, Blue Moon brought Jingxiang Amino Acid Moisturizing Liquid Soap into market. With the amino acid cleaning factor, the light luxury liquid soap is moisturizing and smooth, creating gentler and more comfortable hand-washing experience with rich and dense micron foams; the delicate appearance is also a visual enjoyment, showing Blue Moon’s pursuit of a higher level of product innovation and cleanliness. At the Guangzhou Design Week 2019, the liquid soap stood out from more than 4,000 pieces of participating products and won Kapok Design Award, one of the most influential design awards in China.

      Meanwhile, Blue Moon has also been dedicated to the cultivation of hand-washing habits and the popularization of the scientific way of washing hands, helping more consumers clean their hands with the 7-step hand-washing process.

      Photo: Blue Moon hand-washing products

      Popularization of cleaning science helps the establishment of a brand leading position in the market

      “Besides high quality products, we also need correct approaches and impeccable services to ensure better consumer experience,” a?representative from Blue Moon?said, “we hope to offer consumers a full set of solutions rather than a single product.”

      Through cleaning hundreds of thousands of laundries, BM Laundry Academy found stains mainly include oil stains, color stains and invisible stains, and, based on their attributes, proposed three scientific approaches of laundry washing, i.e. “pre-wash treatment for oil removal”, “clothing soak for color stain removal” and “clothing soak for milk stain removal”, laying the theoretical and practical foundations for simplifying the way of washing.

      Since 2012, to bring the scientific approaches of laundry washing to more consumers, they carried out the public welfare campaign themed “Scientific Laundry Across China · saving a million pieces of clothing”, in which they went to communities and office buildings, answering consumers’ questions about laundry washing and popularizing the scientific knowledge and approaches of laundry washing; they’ve also helped consumers solve problems through hotlines service and 24-hour online communication.

      On the whole, continuous efforts in “products”, “methods” and “services” have become the powerful weapon for Blue Moon’s leading position in the industry for many years. According to relevant representative of the Blue Moon, in the future, Blue Moon will still concentrate on serving consumers, and continue to develop high-tech washing products and popularize scientific knowledge and ways of washing to enable carefree cleanliness for more families.

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