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      Star-studded Night at Two TV Stations, Blue Moon Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with New Cleaning Products

      2020 is a remarkable year.?The Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day reunite after 19 years. At the joyous moment of double celebrations, Blue Moon will also be the title sponsor of CCTV and HNTV for the seventh time, offering an audio-visual feast for Chinese people from all over the world. The Mid-Autumn evening gala of CCTV this year,?with ingenious stage design and high-tech support, will provide the audience with different perspectives.?HNTV worked with four new?emerging directors in the industry to produce four?“Experiencing Videos in the Evening Gala”?and showed in four places in a special way,?showing the Mid-Autumn Night of Blue Moon with HNTV in the 2020 National Day Celebration with innovation and upgrading.

      Innovative Mode of Evening Gala at Two TV Stations Creates Diversified Mid-Autumn Festival Ceremony

      It was reported that the stunning Mid-Autumn evening gala of CCTV would be designed with?the Yingtian Gate of Luoyang City in Sui and Tang Dynasties as the background of the main stage, showing a connection between the ancient and modern age,?an exchange of virtuality and reality,?a splendid and?magnificent scene. The evening gala would adopt a textual structure, apart from?Ming Yue Sheng?(Bright Moon Rises)?as preface,?Hai Shang Ming Yue?(the Moon over the Sea) as coda, there would also be three chapters:?Yue Yuan Hua Hao?(Flowers Beneath and Full Moon) as the first part,?Xiang Guan He Chu?(Where Lies My Native Land)?as the middle part and?Jia Guo Wan Li?(My Country, My Family)?as the last part.?At that time,?prominent celebrities?would join the gala,?such as Chang Shin-Che, Jiang Shu Ying,?Lang Lang, Li Yuchun, Lu Han, Qin Lan, Sun Nan, Zhang Jie, Zhou Shen?(according to alphabetical order of the surname)., etc.. The stars will be gathered with?endless surprises.?In addition, the?“CCTV Video”?satellite of China Media Group, which was successfully launched recently, would provide viewers with a perspective from space, bringing a new experience to the audience from all over the world.


      Double?celebration, double warmth. HNTV has upgraded with innovation during the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, featuring an?Experiencing Movie in the Evening Gala?with strong artistic expression. It?achieves an “internal cycle” of the art of public television to pay respect to every Chinese people who have been working hard for a happy life?by discovering and recording the trivial matters in life, choosing striving stories from ordinary persons, in respect of real life of?the national college entrance exam,?night market economy, epidemic prevention and rural poverty alleviation?,?creating four exquisite and touching films, namely?I Want Us To Be Together,?The Taste of Passion Fruit,?BaBa Shi Chaoren,?College Entrance Examination of 2020, with a unique way to show at four places.


      Blue Moon, Together?for Life,?Clean and Carefree

      Under the Full Moon of Mid-Autumn Festival

      It was reported that since 2013, Blue Moon holds a Blue Moon Festival every Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, Blue Moon also launched the 8th Blue Moon Festival with the theme of “Together?for?Life,?Clean and Carefree”, promoting the Blue Moon clean lifestyle.

      The survey revealed that families?of?Chinese consumers generally encounter problems such as mildew spots on walls, heavy oil in kitchens, yellowing of clothes, incrustant in bathrooms and difficult cleaning of buckets in washing machines. On this condition, Blue Moon combines the consumers’ home life scenes to provide them with a full set of home cleaning solution.?Adhering to the?goal of “doing laundry wholeheartedly”?and proactively?pursuing?the concentrated mission,?Blue Moon promotes the Supreme Bio-Tech laundry detergent, preventing clothes from turning yellow and old as well as keeping the clothes looking brand new after each wash through upgrading technology;?advocates relaxing and clean household life, such as Tianlu Utensil, Fruit and Vegetable Wash ,?which can efficiently remove oil and at the same time keep away from oil; penetrates?into the demand of consumption upgrading, launches?high quality products, such as light and luxury hand wash lotion with Jing Xiang Amino?Acid Foaming Hand Wash,?to protect the skin barrier, nourish the hands after washing, and keep moist and clear.

      At the same time, Blue Moon also continuously provides consumers with scientific and efficient washing knowledge, on-site teaching guidance and laundry service through professional cleaning consultants and 400 hot lines to help consumers deal with knotty cleaning problems by themselves. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, Blue Moon presents festive bash, bringing consumers a new clean lifestyle.


      Interactive and Festive Activities, Ten Thousand Clean Gifts Awarded to Welcome

      the?Mid-Autumn Festival

      In addition to the bright and brilliant programs, the form of interaction in the Mid-Autumn Festival evening gala hosted by CCTV and HNTV this year will be also full of creative and interesting ideas. Combined with CCTV’s “National Style” evening gala, Blue Moon launched an online “Garden Fair”?in?ancient style. Not only could you participate in the lottery and join online garden lights sightseeing, but also send DIY postcards to those you miss in the “postfor memory”.

      The interaction of HNTV is a young fashion feast. While participating in the lottery, you could also receive blessing of the Mid-Autumn Festival from stars and support your favorite stars. Blue Moon has also prepared generous gifts for you. Participating in the interaction, you might have the chance to win ten thousand of clean gifts, such as the moon house?set, Jing Xiang cleansing luxury set, and?supreme detergent set.

      【Viewing guide】

      2020 Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Gala with CCTV

      At 20:00 on 1 October, CCTV-1, CCTV-3 and CCTV-4 broadcast simultaneously

      Interactive strategy: scan the small program code on the screen or WeChat search “Hi TV” during the evening gala to participate in the interaction, or scan the small program code below to participate in the interaction immediately


      2020 Blue Moon Mid-Autumn Night with HNTV

      The show begins at 19:30 on 1 October

      Interactive strategy: Using WeChat to search “Mid-Autumn Night with HNTV” small program to participate in the interaction, or scan the small program code below to participate in the interaction immediately


      “Bluemoon-world”【WeChat video account】

      Officially launched online!
      Here is the rich product information and cleaning tips

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      Quickly pick up the phone

      And follow by scanning the QR code at the bottom of WeChat end

      Don't forget to thumbs-up


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